Our team

Our collaborators represent the values of Liken and are a part of the visible face, they live the project with passion and are an essential asset of the brand.

From outside to inside, thanks to their analytical rigor, technical criteria, experience and professionalism, they convey their sensations about skis and actively contribute to the improvement and development of new products.

From the inside out, they are the image of Liken in the world. They spend hours throughout the winter with skis on their feet, working and enjoying this sport that is so enthusiastic and communicating the values of Liken to all the people who are interested in the project.


Ski touring

Ivan was born in the Pyrenees and has spent all his life in contact with nature and the mountains. He has 20 years of experience as an avalanche specialist (training, evaluation of stability, cartography, control with explosives).

Throughout the skiing season of more than 100 days per year, in all weather conditions and snow typologies.

There is nothing like a good powder run to see a smile on his face and realize that he is happy in this environment where he seeks fluency.

For him, the skis are a tool for work and they have to respond to his expectations. However, he also dedicates much of his free time to discover the ski slopes of the Pyrenees and to enjoy the purest mountain skiing.

  • Degree in Geology.
  • Avalanche specialist technician.
  • Avalanche Operations Level 2, Canadian Avalanche Association.


Ski touring

Sara was born in Igualada and from a small age she discovered the passion for the mountains thanks to her parents who transmitted this love to her.

In 2008, she settled in the Pyrenees, betting on a lifestyle aligned with her convictions and has since been professionally dedicated to snow and avalanche techniques.

Her day to day routine during the winter months happens with skis on her feet, making field trips to evaluate the stability of the snow and to be able to predict avalanches, but also to map avalanche landscapes.

Sara strives to know and understand the mountains, enjoy them without fear, and looks for robust and safe material she can rely on while in the mountains.

Her ski season lasts more than 80 days and she requires material that offers good benefits.

  • Degree in Biology from the University of Barcelona.
  • Avalanche Operations Level 2. Canadian Avalanche Association.
  • Mid-mountain guide


Alpine skiing

Joan is from La Pobla de Lillet and, after the training period away from home, he decided to return to his hometown to be close to family and the mountains.

He has always had a passion to practice mountain sports in contact with nature and, as a child, he knew the happiness of skiing.

Years later he created his own ski school together with his wife and accomplished the dream of being able to dedicate himself to what he loves.

Throughout the season, he spends between 70 and 80 days on skis, transmitting his knowledge with passion to his customers.

Joan’s rigorous and technical analysis of our products are a great asset for the development and improvement of our skis.

  • Level 3 technician in alpine skiing.
  • Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, including a diploma for teaching physical education.
  • Senior technician in physical and sports activities.
  • Guide to sports activities in the natural environment.



Carolina, born in the southwest of France, discovered the Pyrenees at the age of 5 and with the help of her parents first felt the love for these mountains.

At 9 she began to ski but it was not until 2008 that she fell in love with Telemark skiing.

Since then she has only one thing in mind: the daily practice of this ancestral sport.

She combines this passion with her freelance communication work and active digital influence in the small world of Telemark skiing.

She spends the winter trying out material with her main sponsors, including Liken since 2019. She currently uses the Liken Carlit with Meidjo 2.1 bindings.

For Carol it is a dream come true to return to the essence of Telemark skiing with wooden skis with very modern lines looking for her favorite snow: the pow pow, always with a smile.

  • ” Telemark MF1 instructor” diploma
  • University degree in web and communication project management.
  • Ambassador for the Telemark binding brand “The M Equipment” and the Telemark Pyrenees store in Ax les Thermes, France.


Graphic design

Núria was born in BCN but grew up in Almoster (Reus). Despite being close to the beach, thanks to her parents, she discovered the mountains and skiing at a young age, although it was at 9 years of age when she tried snowboarding that the sport became her passion.

She started freeride competitions at age 14 and nowadays competes internationally in the highest category of the FWQ.

Currently she combines her sports career with her other vocation: art. As a child, she could not live without drawing. She studied Graphic Design, with the aim of communicating visually.

The style and vision of Núria excites us and is perfectly aligned with the values of Liken. Her graphic proposals applied to wood provide a great added value to the product for all customers who are looking for an even more unique pair of skis.

  • Level 1 technician on snowboarding
  • Graphic designer
  • Judge in Freeride competitions