Connect with your emotions

Liken is a brand of handmade wooden skis born in the Pyrenees that seeks to reach those who love winter mountains and have a special connection with nature.

Oriol, as a pure mountain and nature enthusiast, transmits this passion to the brand and to skiing, since for him his products go beyond simple sports equipment.

This is how he turns Liken skis into tools with which customers can experience unique sensations on the snow and connect intensely with the emotions of each descent and each turn.

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With the desire to create the best product for each user, Liken works to obtain a unique ski for each client: customized, designed and made to order.

The various characteristics of the ski are adapted to the needs of the skier with a product born in the Pyrenees, exclusive, unique and stylish.


The personality of any ski is marked by its soul: how it has been made and with what it is made. If this “what” is a wood core then its character is almost involuntarily determined by the nobility of this material, and if the “how” is a handmade process, incorporating the most advanced and innovative technology with knowledge and dedication, then the result is a precise high-quality product.


Each pair of skis is the combination of a personalized design tailor-made for each user, a fully handcrafted production process, from top quality locally sourced materials.

Liken becomes a product with excellent characteristics, noble behavior and high performance for the most demanding skiers.