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Oriol Baró, creator of Liken, was born in La Pobla de Lillet, a small village surrounded by mountains that have marked his character and taught him the values of the Pyrenees. Honest and adventurous, together with his passion for skiing, at a young age he begins to experience the sensations and emotions conveyed by the mountains. That restless person, curious and with technically savvy, decides to embark on a journey towards engineering; a professional career that Oriol will take, literally, towards his terrain: the snow and the mountains.


After years of wandering around to find an idea that would allow him to live the winter mountain experience to the fullest and thanks to his professional background, in 2018 Oriol begins to develop his own business project: Liken Skis. Initially he focuses on the task of studying current production techniques, analyzing the skis that are on the market, and visiting other centers to learn their techniques. As a result of this acquired knowledge, he buys and manufactures the necessary machinery to adapt it to his own production method and it is at this moment when an irreversible mental change takes place: with Liken the perfect synergy between craftsmanship and engineering is captured and Oriol begins to develop his own wooden skis.


Two of Oriol’s friends, Toni and Adrià, gave him the initial push to venture into the passionate world of entrepreneurship and thus be able to live more intensely connected to the territory and create a new product. Thanks to this “small” big step, Oriol has managed to have a lifestyle that makes him feel fulfilled every day, translate his creativity into his products, and align his most important values. With Liken, Oriol wishes to connect with the needs of other ski enthusiasts by offering wooden skis as a quality product, technologically advanced, handcrafted, personalized and connected to nature.