Liken Skis | Handmade Skis

At Liken we create high-performance, handcrafted skis. We provide value to those who love skiing and are looking for a product made with dedication, precision, and care.

Oriol Barรณ. Brand Founder

Best high quality skis

Accessories and Complements


The whole process starts with design and calculations, considering the specific needs of each user.

Liken is the result of expert technical knowledge, passion for mountains, and love for things well done.

Joan Robles. Liken Skis collaborator


The preparation of each pair of skis is carried out completely by hand in our workshop.


The difference is in the details, and we offer a truly handmade, one of a kind product.

I value that Liken is a brand that seeks excellence by using the maximum of noble materials and by offering alternative products to the big brands, which adds value to the region and encourages local economic activity. Great km zero skis created according to the parameters of sustainability and quality and including individualized attention and service to the user.

Ferran Sayes. Liken Skis customer